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Impossible? Difficult? No - Very easy!

Concrete block walls can leak air into and out of a building at up to 80 cubic metres an hour per square metre of surface.

We provide a cure for the airtightness problems associated with blockwork which allows architects to design cost effective warehouses, distribution centres, schools, sports halls and other large buildings incorporating inexpensive blockwork (where appropriate), while still meeting Part L of the Building Regulations.

Air tight block walling

Our unique, specialist coating reduces airflow through the walls to a rate "too low to detect" and offers benefits which can normally only be attained by expensive and time-consuming plastering procedures.

Also ideal for use in existing properties on brick and block, providing an economical yet significant improvement in the airtightness of the building.

The alternatives

  • Plastering - Expensive, time-consuming, messy, requires painting
  • Plaster board - Expensive, time-consuming, not airtight, requires painting
  • Parge Coat - Poor quality surface, not washable
  • Paint - Not airtight unless many coats are applied, unattractive finish
  • Bare block - Not airtight, poor quality surface, unattractive finish, poor light reflectance
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