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Recovering from fire damage need not be a nightmare

We will permanently block smoke and soot stains and eradicate that after the fire smell without the need for labour-intensive cleaning procedures.

If you use standard techniques and coatings to cover soot and smoke damage, the stains and smell will soon bleed through and you will have to start again.

We will arrange for your premises to be restored to pristine whiteness by a team of professional sprayers using unique coatings which block smoke and soot damage permanently.

SmoKote Fire and Smoke damage paint SmoKote Fire and Smoke damage paint

The most cost-effective and time-efficient method of restoring fire damaged premises in the UK.

The coatings we use are guaranteed and our highly trained spray teams take professional pride in their work.

You will be presented with a blank canvas, which you can leave as a finished substrate or upon which you can readily create or restore your particular colour scheme, or we can tint our coatings to fit with your existing colour scheme.

Our coatings are matt or satin and come in white as standard but tinting can be arranged on request.

No job too large. Our specialist teams and our unique spraying process have been used in places ranging from domestic premises, such as houses and flats, to very large commercial units.

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