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The effects of a damaged roof can be catastrophic, resulting in damage to equipment and downtime in production.

A roof attracts little attention until it leaks and then needs replacing.

A small amount of damage can cost your business a large fortune. We will render your roof completely leak-proof and corrosion-resistant at a surprisingly low cost - many, many times cheaper than it would cost to replace a neglected, damaged roof.

RC2000 Roof spraying system

Our RC2000 roof coating system provides a strong, flexible membrane that is resistant to water, corrosion and other weather extremes. It can be used for the renovation of roofs of all types and shapes. The end result is a seamless elastomeric system protecting the roof against leaks and degradation by the elements.

Our coating can be applied directly over new and existing roofs offering an inexpensive way to give your roof a new lease of life. It is hard-wearing, impact-resistant, rust-inhibiting and guaranteed to last. It has been developed to meet the stringent durability requirements of the industrial and commercial sector.

RC2000 is an energy star product and can dramatically reduce cooling costs and lower your building's carbon footprint.

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