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Many people don't like the idea of letting industrial units with asbestos roofs. The roof may be perfectly safe but the word asbestos brings a feeling of dread. We have an effective and inexpensive solution to your problem.

We can seal the underside of your corrugated cement roofing, or any other surface, rendering it safe and dust-free.

Our unique primer-sealer not only seals surfaces to prevent dust being produced, it also primes any suitable surface so that a third less paint is needed for decorating.

Paint manufacturers hate this system.

Why? Because they want to sell lots of paint. They hate the idea that we can do a thoroughly professional job at a third less cost to you.

We can come to your premises - seal any surfaces that require sealing, then spray the rest to any colour and finish you require. A true, one-stop spraying service. And, because we can do this in one go, we can do it for a lower price than would otherwise be possible.

I just want the entire unit dust-free.

No problem.

Our primer-sealer is a clear matt solution which will not alter the appearance of the substrate but will bind any lose particles to the surface and create the perfect seal - giving premises owners and clients the confidence that the roof and other surfaces are safe and stopping any degradation of the substrate.

Application rates as low as £2.00 per metre2 including all materials and labour.

Saving money on refurbishing your premises will allow you to let them out more cheaply than your competition and, in today's climate, that is no bad thing.

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